What types of project are too big for Spiroduct Australia?

None! We have never found a project yet that is too big for us. Spiroduct Australia has supplied duct at projects for Woolworths & Coles supermarkets, city, suburban and regional shopping centres, hotels, picture theatres and even airports. We can supply Spiroduct for all jobs from the smallest to the largest!

Are you really sure that you provide a 50 Year Quality Warranty.

Yes. We’re really sure!

Can I buy other fittings for duct bought from Spiroduct Australia?

Yes. Spiroduct Australia also manufactures all fittings, including Elbows, Laterals, Tees and other accessories necessary to get the best possible performance from your Spiroduct. 

Can I paint Spiroduct once it is installed?

Yes, usually! If the Spiroduct you have installed is not insulated on the outside, you can paint it whatever colour you like. Please note though that we recommend you only use a paint that is specifically engineered for the type of steel from which your Spiroduct is made (eg galvanized steel or stainless steel) and the failure to do this will usually void our 50 Year Quality Warranty.

Can Spiroduct Australia design and install complete ducted air conditioning systems?

Yes, sort of! Spiroduct Australia is part of the Faircloth & Reynolds group of companies which has over 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing ducted air conditioning systems.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. We can make Spiroduct to any size or shape as set out in our Selection chart. Please contact us for a copy of this chart. Please note that we reserve the right to impose a minimum order price to allow for tooling and administration.

What sizes can I buy Spiroduct in?

We can make Spiral Round Tube in any size from 80mm diameter to 1600mm diameter (3” to 64”). This round duct can then be used to make Oval Duct in a variety of sizes.

Do you really provide a 50 Year Quality Warranty?

Yes. Spiroduct Australia provides Australia’s only 50 Year Quality Warranty to all products installed in accordance with our specifications and directions. Obviously Terms and Conditions apply.

Are your products Australian made?

Yes, all products from Spiroduct Australia are made in Australia, actually in Coffs Harbour, NSW. We also employ local trades people and many apprentices every year and purchase materials from other Australian businesses to make Spiroduct.

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